Digital Analytics Scholarship @ CXL Institute — 12th Week Review

In the 12th and final week, I went through 2 separate courses: Google Analytics 4 and Attribution. It wasn’t a difficult week, because I had managed to leave the easier stuff for the last part of my time. I thought I’d be exhausted by then and I think I was right!

Let’s see what I’ve been through:

-1- Google Analytics 4 by Charles Farina

  • One of the biggest changes in Google Analytics 4 was its method of tracking. Instead of all those hits that were sent to GA in universal analytics, now we can rely on events. Because it is the method that is used by GA4. Even pageviews are sent as an event.

13- Attribution by Russel McAthy

  • This is one of my favorites, especially because the tutor is a talented young guy who says he won’t merely explain different attribution models. We are about to understand what attribution is and what we can do after understanding it.

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