In the 12th and final week, I went through 2 separate courses: Google Analytics 4 and Attribution. It wasn’t a difficult week, because I had managed to leave the easier stuff for the last part of my time. I thought I’d be exhausted by then and I think I was right!

Let’s see what I’ve been through:

-1- Google Analytics 4 by Charles Farina

  • One of the biggest changes in Google Analytics 4 was its method of tracking. Instead of all those hits that were sent to GA in universal analytics, now we can rely on events. Because it is the method that is used by GA4…

And the waiting is over! I have finally landed on the course I always wanted to participate in and now is the time. Simo Ahava is here with the Advanced Google Tag Manager course. Aren’t you as excited as I am? Let’s dive into the black hole and find out where it takes us with it.

12- Advanced Google Tag Manager by Simo Ahava

  • Simo starts this course as is expected from a pro like him. He starts by talking about the curriculum of this course and the topics that are covered in it. …

I am very excited to start learning more about google tag manager (GTM) from a person I am professionally in love with. Chris Mercer or as he personally prefers, Mercer has been working with google tag manager for years and I know from the tag manager for beginners course that he is a real pro. Besides that, this course will prepare me more for the real deal which comes after it, and by “Real Deal”, I mean the advanced google tag manager. Let’s start and see what is there to learn.

11- Intermediate Google Tag Manager by Chris Mercer

  • This course started with a cool feature that is…

Now finally I have started learning the real deal which is google tag manager. Truth be told, I have previously watched the google tag manager for beginners (this very course) and am looking forward to starting the advanced GTM by mighty Simo Ahava very soon. But first, I needed to lock down the basic information first in order to face the difficult stuff more readily. Be with me to tell you about this course and what I learned using it.

10- Google Tag Manager for beginners by Chris Mercer

  • Google tag manager is on the greatest tools in digital marketing which every marketer needs to know how to use…

This is the 8th week of my time in the program and this time, I’m in the class of Tim Wilson. This class was on Data Storytelling and Visualization and wasn’t available in the beginning. I think the course is growing with me and CXL is doing a great job in delivering the most updated course on the relevant topics.

Let’s find out what Tim Wilson has to offer.

9- Data presentation and visualization by Tim Wison

  • I remember that I first got introduced to Tim Wilson by watching a recording of Super Week presented by Yehoshua Coren. Back then I didn’t know who I was getting the…

BigQuery has taught me that if you want to be a true technical marketer, you need to learn about SQL as well. Working with data and analyzing it lacks something without SQL. BigQuery is heavily based on SQL and we are going to see what it has to teach us. Hope it is easy enough and encourages me to go learn it. Let’s start.

7- BigQuery by Khrystyna Grynko

  • This is one of the courses that I’ve been waiting for from the beginning. It is about one of the big products in the google cloud platform (GCP) named BigQuery.
  • The teacher is a pretty girl…

Google Data Studio Has been my tool of choice since the time I’ve known it. But it is a hard tool to master and no matter how much you know about it, there are still some new tips and tricks that you need to learn. This is what I think I’m about to learn in this course. Let’s see what is out there to learn about GDS.

6- Google Data Studio by Michele Kiss

  • This course is focused on my beloved Google Data Studio and I am gonna like it.
  • The tutor is named Michele and she has been learning GDS by trial and error. …

I have always thought of google sheets and excel as tools for data processing. but I never thought that someday, I will need to use them for digital marketing purposes. Now thanks to Fred Pike and CXL Institute, I know that a marketer should also know how to use it like a pro. I am going to tell you in advance that I’ve learned a lot in this course.

5- Excel and Sheets for marketers by Fred Pike

  • This is a combination of Excel and Google Sheets courses for marketers. …

This week should be exciting for me, cause it is all about google analytics and it is taught by a guy who I actually love! Chris Mercer teaches google analytics and google tag manager like no one and the intermediate part of his teaching should have a lot of practical stuff to learn. Let’s dive in and see what he has prepared for us.

4- Intermediate Google Analytics by Chris Mercer

  • The session of this class was about checking if the user has the basic level of knowledge about google analytics. This was about telling the learner that no basic knowledge will be shared here. …

It was my third week in the program and I had to listen to tips from Jeff Sauer. He is one the most known google analytics tutors and I don’t know why I haven’t learned things from him. It is needed to say that I have watched this course before and am watching it again to find out if I am wrong on this. Let’s dive in.

3- Using analytics to find conversion opportunities by Jeff Sauer

  • The first thing that you need to pay attention to is traffic sources. Simply go to the acquisition report and check if the incoming traffic makes sense. …

Mohammad Sammak

A marketer who tries to act based on data and never stops learning.

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